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Creating PM Schedules

You are able to create planned maintenance schedules for your regularly scheduled inspections and recurring preventive maintenance work. By utilizing PM Schedules, you have the flexibility to set up multiple schedules that may have different recurrences, locations/equipment, or assignees but all share the same tasks.

Watch the Video Tutorial:

Creating a PM Schedule

When first creating your schedule, you will fill out a template that stores specific information such as Purpose and Trade. This information will reflect across all schedules you create within the template as well as any work orders that generate from it. After entering your PM Template details, you will then set up your schedules and select the frequency, locations/equipment and assignees associated with each schedule you create. Once you have chosen your frequency, locations/equipment and assignees, you can enter your tasks and procedures that will reflect across all schedules created within the template.


  • To create a new PM Schedule, click on the Admin tab and select PM Schedules.



  • On the next screen, you will see a list of your PM Template Titles. Click on the New button to begin setting up your template and adding schedules to it.