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Request Transactions

Inventory requests will often be entered by requesters through the MySchoolBuilding request portal, but you may need to enter a request for another user or enter a request for approval. You can enter a request transaction and issue the inventory in the same time. Required fields are indicated by a red check box ().

Entering a Request through InventoryDirect

  • Click on the Requests link in the Information & Analysis section of the home page.
  • From the Request Shortcuts section, click on New Request.



  • Select the Inventory Type of the item from the drop down list.
  • Type the Item Number into the field or click on the binoculars icon to open a pop-up window where you can search for and select the item.
  • Select if you would like to Issue the Inventory Now.
  • Select the Status for the request. If you are issuing the inventory now, the system will automatically select Approved.
  • Select the Requested On Date.
  • Enter the Qty Requested. If you are issuing the item, enter the Quantity Approved. If you are not able to fulfill the entire request, you can create a back order request for the remaining quantity not issued by checking the box.
  • Enter the Location, Building, Area, Area Number, and Budget Code information as necessary.
  • Enter an Expected Delivery Date.
  • If this request needs to be routed to another user for approval, select their name from the Route To drop down list.
  • Enter the contact information for the user that requested these items by selecting their name under Requested By.
  • If you are issuing the inventory now, you can submit it to a Pick List by checking the box. You will then be able to select an existing pick list or create a new one.
  • Select the Pool that the item is being issued from. This is only required if you are issuing the inventory now.
  • Enter a Project ID if needed.
  • Enter the WOID if this request is tied to a work order.
  • Enter Notes if needed.
  • Click Submit to save the transaction.