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Changing a User's Role

While using InventoryDirect, you may find that you need to change a user's role to give them a different set of permissions. Changing a user's role will not affect their login or password and will only change their functionality within the product. For more information about each user role, please visit the InventoryDirect Users page.

How to Change a User's Role

  • Click on the Setup tab.
  • Click on InventoryDirect Users.
  • Find and click on the name of the user whose role needs to be changed.
  • Click Save/Next Step at the bottom of the InventoryDirect Participant Information page.
  • Select the appropriate user role and click Next Step.



  • Complete the rest of the steps as necessary. If you are assigning a user to the role of Site Administrator or Requester, be sure to assign them to the appropriate Location. If you are assigning a user tot he role of Pool Manager I, be sure to assign them to the appropriate pool.
  • Once you have returned back to the list of users, your changes are complete.


*Note: If you are attempting to change a user's role and the role options are grayed out, they are likely the Account Owner and cannot have their role changed. Contact the Client Services Center to request an Account Owner change.