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Requesting an Inventory Item

  • Click on the Requests tab.
  • From the My Requests Transactions list, click on the + Add New Request link on the right side of the list.



  • You can filter the inventory items that are available to be requested by selecting the Catalog and/or Commodity from the drop down menus. You can also enter a Item Description in the Item Desc field and click Go.
  • Next to the inventory item you would like to request enter a Quantity Requested and select the Budget Code if it applies.
  • Click the Add to Cart button next to the item you are requesting.
  • Once you have added all the items you would like to request to your cart, click View Cart.



  • Select the Location from the Location drop down menu.
  • If applicable, select Bldg./Unit, Area and Area Number.
  • Click Submit as Request.