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Account Information

The Account Information page allows you to identify important and helpful information about your organization and your InventoryEdge account.

How to Set Up the Account Information

  • Click on the Account Setup tab.
  • Click on the Account Info link.



  • The Organization Name and Address will automatically populate for you. The Organization Name can be edited and will be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Corrections to the address information can also be made here.
  • The Time Zone and Current Server Date/Time are populated based on your organization's address.
  • Comptroller shows the user currently listed as the InventoryEdge Comptroller. For more information about the comptroller function, see InventoryEdge Users.
  • In the Current Period fields, enter your organization's Fiscal Year Begin and End dates.
  • By checking the Receiving Add/Update check box, it will add fields for shipping, tax, and other charges to the Receiving Transaction form.
  • Enter the Sales Tax Percent so that it will automatically calculate on the transaction.
  • Check the Maintain Back Order Amounts box in order to allow the account to create back orders or issue partial orders for requests.
  • Enter a Ship To and Bill To address that you would like listed in the reorder process.
  • Click Update Information to save.