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Reorders and Replenishing Levels

Using the Reorder and Replenish Inventory features allow you to put inventory items on order that are below your low and high on-hand levels.

Reordering Inventory Items

In the Current Levels section of your home page you will see which items are below the low or high on-hand levels that you set for each inventory item.

  • To reorder items, click the Reorder Now link.
  • On the Add/Update Reorder page, you can adjust the Quantity and click Submit to put that item on order.



  • When the shipment for that item comes in, click on Reorder under the Inventory Reorder section on the right side of your home page.

  • On the My Previous Orders page, click Receive Now to create a new Receiving Transaction for that item.


Replenish Inventory Levels

You can also put multiple items on order at a time by using the Replenish Inventory Levels feature.

  • On the My Previous Orders page, click on Replenish Inventory Levels in the shortcuts menu.



  • This will bring up a list of all items that are below the low and high on-hand levels you have set for each item. The screen will show 5 items at a time, you can click the Next button to show the remaining items in the list.
  • This list can be filtered by Supplier and can be set to only show what is below your low levels, high levels, or both. *Note: Filtering by Supplier will show you all the items you may need to purchase from a particular Supplier. You can then reach out to your Supplier to purchase those items and then create orders in Inventory to track what you have to put on order.



  • Enter the Actual Qty Reordered that you would like to put on order in Step 2 along with any other necessary information such as Expected Shipment, PO #, and Invoice #.
  • You can enter reorder information for any of the items listed on the page and then click Submit at the bottom to save.



  • When those items arrive you can create a Receiving Transaction by clicking Receive Now on the My Previous Orders page.