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The Codes section of the Account Setup includes Areas, Budgets, Crafts, Purpose Codes, Equipment, Buildings, and Locations. These items will automatically populate with the selections you have made and added in MaintenanceDirect. These codes will already be active in Critical Alarm Automation. You will not need to activate or add them to your account.


  • Area - Link to the Areas list with all MaintenanceDirect Areas already activated.
  • Budget - List of all Budget Codes available in MaintenanceDirect.
  • Craft - Link to the Crafts list with all MaintenanceDirect Crafts already activated.
  • Purpose - List of all Purpose Codes from MaintenanceDirect.
  • Equipment - List of all Equipment assets in MaintenanceDirect.
  • Building - List of all Buildings in MaintenanceDirect.
  • Location - List of all Locations in MaintenanceDirect.