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Critical Alarm Report

Leverage the information in Critical Alarm Automation with the easy-to-use Critical Alarm report. This report will pull information about the work orders created by your CAA account.

How to Run the Critical Alarm Report

  • Click on the Reports link in the Actions Menu, then click on Critical Alarm.


       Bright Idea:

You can also run this report by clicking on the Critical Alarms link in the Information & Analysis section of the home page. Hover your mouse over the Shortcuts menu and click the Report link to access the report criteria selection page.


  • If you have already created a Saved Action report in your account, you can select it in Step 1 to quickly run that report.
  • Enter the filtering criteria for your report in the rest of the steps. The more information you select, the narrower and more specific your returned results will be. For a broad report, you can leave the selections to Include All.
  • If you need to highlight more than one item in a selection box, click on your first item and then hold down your Ctrl key when selecting the others.
  • In Step 13, choose whether you would like your report as a PDF or an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Click Print at the bottom of the page to view a print preview of your report. You can then send it to your printer.