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Critical Alarm Home Page

The Critical Alarm Automation home page is your one-stop shop for information in your account. Below you will find a description of the major sections found on the home page.


You can add your organization's logo to the top left corner of the page. Click on the Account Setup tab, then click on Logo Setup. Browse your computer for the image you want to upload. *Note: It must be either a jpeg or gif file no larger than 150 x 50 pixels.


Application Links

The Application Links drop down box in this section offers a handy shortcut. If you are a user in multiple Dude Solutions applications, you can select the application from the list to jump between the different programs. Click the Logout link on the far right corner of the page to exit the system.



The tabs at the top of the screen help you navigate to important areas of the application.

Home - takes you to the Critical Alarm Automation home page.

Critical Alarms - where you can add new alarms and update existing ones.

Account Setup - where you can set up certain aspects of your account. This tab is only available to Administrators.

Search For/Advanced Search

  • The Search For box is located below the Home tab and can be used to find a specific alarm. Enter a keyword into the box and click GO to bring up those results.
  • The Advanced Search link is located to the right of the Search For box. Click on it to search different criteria to find a group of alarms.
  • The Help link will take you to a page that lists ways to contact our support team as well as links to online help manuals.


Actions Menu

This section contains links to Add information to your account, List the current fields, and run Reports.You can use the List link to access a list of Critical Alarm Messages or CAA Work Orders.

Login Here

This section will list the name of the user that is currently logged into Critical Alarm Automation on that computer. If the name listed is not your own, you can click the link to login to your account. *Note: This is important to check if you are using a shared computer that other users can access.

Critical Alarms

This section shows the total number of Unresolved and Resolved work orders created by Critical Alarms. Click on the numbers to view the list of work orders. You can filter this section by selecting specific Locations, Bldg./Units, and Equipment in the drop down fields and clicking the Refresh Pie button.

  • Unresolved - This count includes all critical alarm work orders except those in a status of "Complete", "Closed Work Order", "Declined" or "Void". You will also be able to see which have been escalated.
  • Resolved - This count includes all critical alarm work orders in a status of "Complete", "Closed Work Order", "Declined" and "Void". Each status will be separated out with its own work order count.

Critical Alarms Work Orders by Status

This section shows the current status of all Critical Alarms Work Orders. You can filter this section by selecting a time period in the drop down list and clicking Refresh Pie. Click on the number to view a list of work orders.

Information & Analysis

This section has links to all of the important fields in Critical Alarm Automation. Click on these links to add items to the account, see a list of active items, and run reports on them.


  • Area - Link to the Areas list with all Work Order Areas already activated.
  • Budget - List of all Budget Codes available in Work Order.
  • Craft - Link to the Crafts list with all Work Order Crafts already activated.
  • Purpose - List of all Purpose Codes from Work Order.
  • Equipment - List of all Equipment assets in Work Order.
  • Bldg./Unit - List of all Bldg./Units in Work Order.
  • Location - List of all Locations in Work Order.
  • CAA Work Orders - List of all work orders created by CAA in Work Order.
  • Critical Alarms - Form used to view existing critical alarms templates and add new critical alarm templates.
  • Critical Alarm Messages - All incoming messages/emails that have been received for this account.
  • Saved Actions - A list of all saved reports and searches.