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Adding Warranties

In Capital Forecast, you can easily keep track of your building component or equipment warranties. If a warranty contains an attachment, the attachment will appear on any needs tied to the equipment and building components the warranty is associated with.

Adding Warranties

  • Click the Warranties link found under the Information & Analysis section of your home page.
  • Click Add New Item.
  • Enter a Title for the warranty.
  • Click the calendar icon and choose the warranty Expiration date.
  • If the warranty is specific to a Manufacturer or Supplier, select the appropriate option in these fields.
  • The Status field will automatically populate based on the Expiration date that was entered.
  • Enter any Notes if necessary.
  • Select the Equipment and/or Building Components this warranty should be attached to.  A Warranty can be attached to as many pieces of equipment and building components as needed. To select multiple items, hold the Ctrl key on your keyboard while making your selections.
  • If you would like to add any additional documentation to the Warranty, click the Add New Attachment link.
    • In the Attach File window, choose whether you would like to attach a File or a Link from the web.
    • Type the file Description.
    • If you selected to attach a file, click the Choose File button to select the file from your computer. *Note: The size limit for attachments is 5MB.
    • If you selected to attach a link, enter the URL.
    • Click Save to add the file attachment to the Warranty.
    • Once the attachment has been added to the Warranty, you can edit the file by clicking the pencil icon () or delete the file by clicking the delete icon ().
  • Click the Save button.



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