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Tracking vendor and contract work

You can track contracted vendor work with transactions on work orders in Asset Essentials. First, you will need to enter the vendor/contractor as a Tracking Only user. Then, you will be able to assign work orders to the vendor/contractor as well as record labor transactions.

Enter the vendor/contractor into Asset Essentials

  • Click on the Admin menu icon, then click Users.
  • Click on the New button.
  • In the General section, select Tracking Only from the User Type drop down. *Note: Adding a Tracking Only user does not count against your given user quota.



  • Fill out the Vendor/Contractor's information in the remaining fields. Be sure to fill out the Email field so they can be notified of new work requests.
  • If applicable, fill out the Hourly Wage field if the vendor/contractor charges a set amount per hour.
  • Enter any additional information in the remaining sections, then click Save.

Assigning work to a vendor/contractor

  • When creating a work order or PM schedule, click on the Add User button in the Assignee section.
  • In the Select User window, check the box next to the vendor/contractor then click the Select button.


Assigning a work order to a vendor or contractor

Creating transactions for a vendor/contractor

  • Click on the Work Orders menu icon, then select Work Orders.
  • Right-click on the work order record the vendor/contractor is assigned to and select Edit Labor Entries.
  • In the New section at the bottom of the page you will see five rows to enter labor for the Work Order.
  • Click the Add button and then choose from the following options:
    • Assigned To - This will add a labor entry in the New section for each user who is assigned the work order, including the vendor/contractor.
    • Users - This will bring up the Select User window. Once you select a user or users, this will add a labor entry in the New section with the user's information.
  • Fill out the remaining fields on the labor entry.
  • Click Save at the top of the page. Any labor entries entered in the New section will now appear in the Added section.

Reporting on vendor/contractor work

To report on Vendors and Contractors in Asset Essentials, first you will need to create a Vendor/Contractor Department. You will then run the Labor Cost by Department report.

Creating a department

  • Click on the Admin menu icon, then select Departments.
  • Click on the New button.
  • Enter a Name for the department. For example, Contractors.
  • Enter any additional information and click the Save button.

Assigning contractors to the department

  • Click on the Admin menu icon, then select Users.
  • Check the box(es) next to the Contractors in your account.
  • Click the More button, then select Update.
  • Check the box next to Department and select the name of the contractor department you just created.
  • Click Save.

Running the labor cost by department report

  • Click on the Work Orders menu icon, then select WO Labor.
  • Click the Print/Report button, and select Report.
  • In the Report pop-up window, select Labor Cost by Department in the Report Type drop down.
  • Click OK.