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Creating a Work Order

Work orders are documents that describe work to be done, the labor needed to accomplish the work, and other data about the work, such as it's priority, the cause of the work, and Location, Asset, or Site. Your organization may have a different name for work orders, such as job ticket or task assignment.

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How to Create a Work Order

  • Click on the Work Orders menu icon, select Work Orders, and then click the New button. *Note: A work order can be generated from various sources within Asset Essentials (ex. Location, Asset) by right-clicking on the source, and selecting Create WO.


In the General section of the Work Orders page, there are four required fields: WO Status, WO #, Originator and Source Type.

  • Select the appropriate WO Status.
  • Enter a WO #. *Note: If you want the work order number to automatically generate, leave the box next to Auto Generate checked.
  • The Originator field is automatically populated with your name. If you need to select another user as the Originator, click on the person icon ().
  • Select a Source Type. This will associate the work order with a Site, Location, Asset, or Meter Title.
  • Choose a Priority, select an applicable Cost Center, and enter any Downtime or other time information as needed.
  • Select a Work Type, Work Category, Problem, and Cause, if known. *Note: Certain Work Categories may trigger Custom Fields to appear on the work order form.
    • Work Type - The Work Type can be used to indicate why the work is being performed, such as Corrective Maintenance or Storm Damage.

    • Work Category - The Work Category is the trade or skill associated with the work being performed.

    • Problem - The Problem field indicates the kind of issue that needs to be addressed. Problem types can be associated with specific Work Categories.

    • Cause - The Cause is used to indicate the cause of the problem. Causes can be associated with specific Problems.

  • Enter a Project if applicable, and any estimated costs.


Source Type

  • This section's title will vary depending on the Source Type selected from the General section. For example, if you selected the Source Type of Location, this section will be titled Location.

Custom Fields

  • If your account is using custom fields, fill out any information in this section.

Assigned To

  • Click on the Select User icon ().
  • Choose the user(s) from the Select User list that need to be assigned to the work order.
  • If you want to assign the work order to yourself, click on the Select me icon ().


Work Requested

  • Provide a detailed description of what needs to be done in the Work Requested section.
  • Enter Action Taken notes to describe what was done to complete the work order after the work is finished.
  • Enter any additional comments in the Comments section.



Asset Essentials allows you to create a list of tasks for the worker to follow.  You have the option to either create a new task by clicking the Add New Task button or you can select a existing task from the Tasks Library. *Note: If you are adding a task to a new work order, you must first save the work order before any tasks can be added.

Adding a Task from the Tasks Library

  • Click on Select Task from library.
  • Check the box next to any task you would like included on the work order.
  • Click the Copy button to transfer the tasks to the work order.

Adding a Single Task

  • Click on Add New Task to create a new task on the work order.
  • In the Task window, select the User responsible for the task from the drop down menu or click the user icon () to select a user from the list.
  • Enter the Name of the task as well as the Description.
  • Select the Task Type. You can select "Instruction" for generic step-by-step tasks, or "Collect Reading" if the worker should record any meter readings from an asset. *Note: If you select Collect Reading, you must also select an Asset and a Meter Title.
  • Enter a Description for the task.
  • If you need to attach a document to the task, click the image icon and select a document from either your Document Library or upload a file from your computer.
  • Repeat these steps to add as many tasks as needed.



Use this section to attach documents related to your Work Order.

  • Click on the Select Document icon to either select a document from the Documents Library, or add a document from your computer.
  • Once you have completed all of the required fields, click the Save button at the top of the page.


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