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PO reporting

Asset Essentials provides three comprehensive reports to check on the status and analyze your purchase orders.

How to run a report

  • Click on the Parts & POs menu icon and select POs.
  • Filter the PO list to include the records you want to report on.
  • Select the Print/Report button and click the Report link.
  • Choose the Report Type from the drop down.
  • Click OK to run the report. *Note: If you have filtered the PO list before running the report, the same filters will apply to the report that is generated.

Cost by Vendor

The Cost by Vendor report rolls-up the purchase orders associated with the suppliers in your account.


PO Line Item Detail

The PO Line Item Detail report provides a breakdown of each PO's line items and includes the Item Status, Qty Ordered, Qty Received, Ordered Unit Price, Received Unit Price, and the Total.

Purchase order summary

This report provides a quick glance of your Purchase Orders. Basic information such as the Grand Total, PO Status, Created By and PO dates are included.