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Dashboards for Clubs

Analytics provides maintenance overview dashboards that allow you to drill down into your applications' data giving you a bigger picture into the work your organization is doing. *Note: Not all clients are eligible for Analytics. To learn if you are eligible, contact Client Services.


Your dashboard updates every morning with the current year's data through the previous day as well as two previous calendar years of data. You can see the Last Updated time stamp in the top left corner of your dashboard. *Note: Time shown is in Eastern time zone.



Within some dashboard tables you may be able to expand categories () to view a further breakdown of your data. Also keep an eye out for triangle icons () in the x- and y-axis titles of the dashboard charts. This indicates that there are other metrics that can be selected for that chart.


Maintenance dashboards

The Dashboard is the default view you will see when you access Analytics. To get back to it if you navigate away:

  1. Click the Maintenance menu icon, then select Dashboard.

  2. Use the View by: drop-down in the top center of the screen to select the dashboard you want to view.