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Downloading and Logging Into PartExpress

PartExpress is a downloadable application that allows you to easily check out and check in parts from wherever your parts are stored. We recommend installing PartExpress on a computer that is easily accessible in your parts storage area. *Note: If you are interested in purchasing PartExpress, please contact your sales representative.

Downloading PartExpress

  • In the Asset Essentials web application, click on the Admin menu icon then select Tools.
  • Click on the Part Express Installer link.
  • The setup file will download to your computer.
  • Find the file on your computer and open it.
  • Follow the prompts to install PartExpress on your computer.

Logging into PartExpress

  • When you open the PartExpress application, you will be prompted for your Asset Essentials login credentials.
  • Enter the Web URL that is specific to your organization.
  • Enter your Login and Password.
  • Check the Remember Login and Remember Password boxes if you would like PartExpress to remember your login credentials.
  • Select your language from the drop down.
  • Click OK to login to the PartExpress application.



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