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Mobile App Overview


When you first log into the mobile app you will see your Dashboard. The Dashboard lists your Overdue work orders, your PM/PdM work orders, your Non-PM/PdM work orders, and any messages you may have.


  • From your dashboard, tap on any work order or message to access additional information about it.
  • You can also tap the camera icon () to take a photo or select a photo from your device to attach it to a work order.
  • Tap the scanner icon () to scan a barcode.
  • Tap the menu icon () to access the mobile app menu.


Any Asset Essentials notifications that you receive will be listed in your Notifications section.


  • Tap the menu icon ().
  • Tap on Notifications.


You can customize your mobile app through the mobile app Settings.


  • Tap the menu icon ().
  • Tap Settings.
    • Language – Select the mobile app Language you prefer to use.
    • Upload Folder – Edit the folder name that stores photos you upload to the mobile app.
    • Image Dimension – Set the maximum width and height of uploaded images.
    • Change Password – Change your Asset Essentials password. *Note: This will update both your mobile app password and web password.
    • Assign to myself when creating a new Work Order – Enabling this setting will assign the work order to yourself when you create a new work order from the mobile app.
    • About – View the App and Server Version you are using, read the Terms of Use, and access Contact Us information.
  • Set the Default action on your Work Order, Asset, Part, or My Request summary pages to either View or Edit. When you tap on one of these items, either a View or Edit screen will be shown according to these settings.
  • Tap Logout to log out of the mobile app.


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