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Managing parts in the mobile app

You can easily search for, view, and scan parts right from the Asset Essentials mobile app.

  • Tap the Parts icon at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing a part

  • On the Parts list page you will see a list of all the parts in your Asset Essentials account broken out by what inventory locations they are stored in.
  • Tap the ellipsis button below a part to expand the card and quickly view its quantities within that inventory location.
  • Tap on a part to access additional information.
  • Tap Scan Part above the list to scan a part's barcode or QR code to access its information.


Searching for a part

  • You can search for a part by tapping on the arrow next to the search bar and selecting an option to search by in the drop-down menu. *Note: The search bar defaults to searching by Part Name if you do not make a selection. Once you make a selection, that option will continue to be the default from then on until you manually change it again.
  • Enter your search criteria in the search bar to populate your list of results.
  • Tap the filter icon () to apply filters. If you are filtering the list by Location or Category, you will see the hierarchy of each item to have a better understanding of what you are selecting.




Viewing, adding, or editing part photos

  • Users with View part permissions are able to see a parts photo by selecting the Photo option on the Part Details page.

  • Users with Edit permissions are able to add a photo if one does not exist or update the photo if one already exists.



  1. Navigate to the part details screen: Parts Tab > Select Part

  2. Select Photo from Part Details to view the existing photo

  3. Select Delete to remove the existing photo.

  4. Select Save for the update to be saved.

  5. When there is no photo for the part and the user has edit part permissions then they can choose to take a photo or select a photo from the camera roll. After taking or selecting a photo the user can edit the photo.

  6. When done editing select Done.

  7. Provide a name for the photo you are uploading. Note this name must not already exist in the system or you will get an error. Select Save.

  8. The photo is uploaded and displays for the part. Select Save to save the new part photo.

  9. If you change any data and try to leave the page without saving you will receive a warning message shown below.


Things to know:

  • If there is no photo for a part and the user only has view part permissions then they will see text on the Part Photo page saying there is no photo for the part.

  • Using the default photo name is the easiest way to ensure the information in unique. The name defaults to "PartName_Date/Time" where the "date/time" is the current date/time. This way we get a unique value every time.

  • Users will need to allow permissions to their camera and photo album to upload photos.