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Managing parts in the mobile app

You can easily search for, view, and scan parts right from the Asset Essentials mobile app.

  • Tap the Parts icon at the bottom of the screen.

Viewing a part

  • On the Parts list page you will see a list of all the parts in your Asset Essentials account broken out by what inventory locations they are stored in.
  • Tap the arrow below a part to expand the card and quickly view its quantities within that inventory location.
  • Tap on a part to access additional information.
  • Tap Scan Part above the list to scan a part's barcode or QR code to access its information.


Searching for a part

  • You can search for a part by tapping on the arrow next to the search bar and selecting an option to search by in the drop-down menu. *Note: The search bar defaults to searching by Part Name if you do not make a selection. Once you make a selection, that option will continue to be the default from then on until you manually change it again.
  • Enter your search criteria in the search bar to populate your list of results.
  • Tap the filter icon () to apply filters. If you are filtering the list by Location or Category, you will see the hierarchy of each item to have a better understanding of what you are selecting.