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Managing assets in the mobile app

You can easily search for, view, scan, and map your assets right from the Asset Essentials mobile app.

  • Tap the Assets icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will show you a list of all the assets in your Asset Essentials account.
  • Tap on an asset to access additional information.
  • You can search for an asset by tapping on the search icon () and searching by Name, Asset #, Serial #, or Barcode.
  • Tap the filter icon () to apply filters. You can filter the asset list by Site, Category, Location, Asset Status, and Asset Condition. You can also change the sorting options from this menu.
  • Tap the scan icon () to scan an asset's QR code or barcode to access its information.

Asset Details

  • General: Lists general information about the asset, such as the make and model, site and location, cost center, and asset status.
  • Asset: Lists details about the asset's condition including downtime.
  • Warranty Tracking: Lists warranty information including the title, expiration date, and vendor.
  • Associated Parts: Lists all of the parts associated to the asset. You will also see all sites, locations, and part storage locations where each part is stored along with the current quantity available. *Note: This section will only show if you have associated parts tied to this asset in your Asset Essentials web account.
  • Meter Titles: Lists all meter titles tied to the asset. You can tap the pencil icon in the top right corner to log meter readings for a meter title.
  • Photo: Displays a photo of the asset. You can tap the pencil icon in the top right corner to add an image from your device's photo library or take a photo using your device's camera.
  • Documents: Displays any documents that are attached to the asset from your Asset Essentials web account.