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Entering Labor

  • Tap the menu icon () and select Work Orders.
  • Select the work order you need to add labor hours to by tapping on the work order in the list. You can use the sorting () filtering () options to quickly find the work order if needed.
  • Click Labor Entries option in the work order menu.
  • This page will show a view only list of any labor entries that have already been added to the work order. Click the pencil icon () to switch to editing mode.
  • While in editing mode you can tap any existing labor entries to make changes.
  • To add a new labor entry tap the plus () icon. This will bring up the labor entry form.
  • Tap the add icon () to select the user whose labor you are adding.
    • To add a labor entry for yourself, tap Select Me.
    • If you have the appropriate permissions, tap Search to find the user you are adding labor for.
    • If you are adding labor for an external user outside of your organization, skip this step and fill out the remaining fields on the labor entry form with the external user's information.
  • Selecting a user will automatically populate the First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Company Name, and Wage fields with the information in the user's profile.
  • The Start Date and End Date will automatically be filled in but can be adjusted as needed. Adjusting these fields will automatically calculate the value in the Hour field.
  • Select the User Pay Rate.
  • The Sub total($) field will automatically update based on the wage and amount of hours.



  • Tap the check mark icon () when finished. The labor entry will appear in the labor entries list for this work order.
  • To remove a labor entry, tap the remove icon ().
  • Click the Save button to save the labor entry.


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