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Assigning Work

  • Tap the menu icon () and select Work Orders.
  • Select the work order you need to assign by tapping on the work order in the list. You can use the sorting () filtering () options to quickly find the work order if needed.
  • Tap the Assigned To option in the work order menu.
  • This page will show any user(s) the work order is currently assigned to. Tap the pencil () icon to enter editing mode.
  • Tap the Select User () icon to assign a user to this work order.
  • Tap Select Me to assign the work order to yourself.
  • Select Search to assign the work order to another user.
    • Tap on the users you would like assigned to the work order. A green check mark will appear next to the users you have selected.



    • Tap OK to add the selected users to the work order.
  • To unassign a work order from a user tap the remove icon () next to the user's name.
  • When finished, tap Save.


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