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Printing Location Barcodes

Location barcodes can be a useful tool for your team while they are out in the field. The Location Barcode printout offers a barcode that can easily be scanned, as well as a QR code. *Note: In order for the printout to produce a barcode, you must enter a barcode number on the Location detail page.

How to Print Location Barcodes

  • Click on the Assets menu icon, then click on Locations.
  • Check the box next to each Location that you would like to print a barcode for. *Note: If you would like to print the full list of Location barcodes by page, do not check any boxes.
  • Click on the Print/Report button and then click Print.
  • If you checked off any specific Locations, you will have an option to print only the Selected record(s). Otherwise, you can choose to print just the Current page of Locations, or Select page(s) to print, such as pages 1-3. If you'd like, you can also select to print All Locations.
  • Click OK to produce the printout.



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