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Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to create new types of data that can be stored about various categories in Asset Essentials. *Note: The feature below is only available to clients who have purchased Asset Essentials Enterprise. Please contact your Sales Representative or Client Services if you are interested in purchasing Asset Essentials Enterprise.

How to Add a Custom Field

  • Click on the Admin menu icon, then click on Configurations.
  • Select Custom Fields from the Misc section.
  • Click the New button.
  • Select the appropriate data Type from the drop down menu. *Note: When creating a custom field, it is important that the field be applicable to most of the records that will be created for this data type. For example, you should only add Latitude and Longitude for the Asset data type if you are able to fill in this information for most of your Asset records.
  • Enter the Name for the custom field.
  • Select a Field Type. This will determine how a user can enter data for this custom field.
    • Depending on the Field Type selected, more information will populate for you to customize the data entry field.
  • Decide whether or not this custom field should be Required.



  • Use the Availability section to determine which Sites have access to this custom field.



  • Click the Save button at the top of your screen to add this custom field to Asset Essentials.


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