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Documents library

The Documents Library allows you to manage files, such as equipment manuals, warranty information, and safety procedures, from inside your Asset Essentials account. Documents in your document library can quickly be added to records throughout Asset Essentials such as Assets and Work Orders.

Adding folders

You can add as many file storage folders as you need to your Asset Essentials account. You can also delete, move, and edit those folders after they have been created. Keeping the folder structure well organized within the Document Library is essential to increasing efficiency when searching for specific documents.

  • Click on the Admin menu icon then select Documents Library.
  • Select the name of an existing folder in the folder tree on the left side of the page. This will be the location of the new folder.
  • Click on the Folder button and select New.
  • Enter the Name of the folder and click OK.


Adding files

  • Click on the Admin menu icon then select Documents Library.
  • Select the folder on the left side of the page where the file should be stored.
  • Click the File button and select New.
  • Select the file type from the Select Type drop down menu.
  • If you selected either Document or Image from the Select Type drop down, click the Browse button to find the file on your computer. *Note: File names within the same folder must be unique. The file size is limited to 20 MB per document.
  • If you selected URL from the Select Type drop down, enter the URL and the display Name. *Note: We recommend using URLs to link to user manuals or images, if available, instead of uploading the document directly to the library to maximize the available storage.
  • Click OK to add the file to the Documents Library.


Documents library summary

  • Click Summary in the top right corner of the page to view the current Disk Usage, number of Folders, and number of Files in your Documents Library. The Disk Quota lists the total storage for your account.


Supported File Types

Asset Essentials supports the following document and image file types.