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Mapping filters and format

Mapping Filters and Mapping Format allows you to customize what data gets imported and exported as well as the display format of that data. *Note: The Connector Tool feature is available to Asset Essentials clients for an additional cost. Please contact your Sales Representative or Client Services if you are interested in purchasing this feature.

Mapping filters

Mapping Filters allow you to set rules to filter specific sets of data when exporting or importing data in your account.

  1. Click on the plus icon () next to the Mapping Filters field.
  2. In the Filter Builder window, you can set up specific rules to filter out your data.  For example, to export only records with Asset listed as the SourceType:
    1. Click the add icon ().
    2. Click the green text to select the SourceType field from the drop down.
    3. The blue text represents the operator and will change depending on which field name (green text) was selected. For example, if a date field is selected, the operator will change to date range values.
    4. Click <enter a value>, then select Asset from the drop down.

  1. You can continue to add additional filters by clicking the add icon ().
  2. To change the operator of the filter, click the red text. This allows you to create a variety of different rule expressions for your filters. For example, you can create a filter to export only work orders with the SourceType of Asset OR the OriginType of PM.

  1. Click OK to apply the Mapping Filter.

Mapping format

  1. Click the pencil icon next to a field name to change the data format options for that field. *Note: If you plan on exporting data, then importing it back in, we recommend leaving these settings unchanged.



  1. In the Mapping Format window, enter the specific formatting for the data in this field.
  2. Click Save.