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Automating the Connector Tool

The Connector Tool feature is available to Asset Essentials clients for an additional cost. Please contact your Sales Representative or Client Services if you are interested in purchasing this feature. The Connector Tool has the ability to continually export or import your data to and from your account at set Intervals. *Note: Your computer must be on and not in sleep mode in order for the Connector Tool to continually export and import data.

Creating a recurring execution

  1. Check the Recurring execution box.
  2. Select the Start @ time and date.
  3. Select how often the job should be run in the Recurring every fields. This can be set to minutes, hours, or days.



  1. Click on File, then click Save. This will save a file to your computer that communicates with the Windows Task Scheduler on your computer and instructs it to perform the job based on your specifications.
  2. Click Run to start the first job. The Windows Task Scheduler will continue to run additional jobs after the first job completes.
  3. You should see the task listed in the Active Tasks section of the Windows Task Scheduler that matches the name of your save file. *Note: This view may vary depending on your version of Windows.


Setting up notifications

*Note:  This feature requires you to use your organization's own SMTP email server to send the email notifications. Contact your IT department for your SMTP server details.

  1. Click Tools and select Notification Settings.
  2. Check the Notify by Email box.
  3. Enter the Email Address notifications should be sent to.
  4. Customize the Email Subject if necessary.
  5. If you would like to have the log information sent to the email address, check the Attach logs box.
  6. The remainder of the fields require your SMTP server information. Please contact your IT department if need assistance obtaining these details.
  7. Click the Test email button to ensure that your settings are correct.
  8. Click OK.