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Adding and Managing Tasks on a Work Order

Asset Essentials allows you to create a list of tasks for the worker to follow.  You have the option to either create a new task by clicking the Add Task button or you can select an existing task from the Tasks Library. *Note: The Tasks section will not show on the work order form until the work order is saved.

How to Add Tasks

Adding a Task from the Tasks Library

  • Click on Select from Library.
  • Check the box next to any task you would like included on the work order.
  • Click the Copy button to transfer the tasks to the work order.

Adding a Single Task

  • Click on Add Task to create a new task on the work order.
  • In the Task window, select the User responsible for the task from the drop down menu or click the user icon () to select a user from the list.
  • Enter the Name of the task as well as the Description.
  • Select the Task Type. You can select "Instruction" for generic step-by-step tasks, or "Collect Reading" if the worker should record any meter readings from an asset. *Note: If you select Collect Reading, you must also select an Asset and a Meter Title.
  • If you need to attach a document to the task, click the image icon () and select a document from either your Document Library or upload a file from your computer.
  • Repeat these steps to add as many tasks as needed.
  • If necessary, you can reorder the steps by clicking the rearrange icon () and dragging the task to its new location in the list.

How to Manage a Task

You can make changes, add an individual note, mark a task complete, or delete a task on a work order.

  • To edit the content of a task, click the Edit button in the Actions column.

    • Adjust any fields that are necessary in the window that appears, such as the Step number, User, Description, or Reading.
    • Click Save.
  • To add a note to a task, click the Edit button in the Actions column.
    • Enter information in the Note field relating to the work that is being done for that task.
    • Click Save. The note will appear in the Notes column in the Tasks section of the work order.

  • To mark an individual task complete, click the Mark as done button in the Actions column. The word "Done" will automatically populate in the Done? column for that task.
  • To mark all tasks complete, click the Mark All As Done button at the top of the Tasks section.
  • To delete a task, click the Delete button in the Actions column.