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Managing Tasks on a Work Order in the Mobile App

  • Tap the menu icon () and select Work Orders.
  • Select the appropriate work order by tapping on it in the list. You can use the search () and filtering () options to quickly find the work order if needed.
  • Scroll down to the Task card.

Copying a Task Book to a Work Order

When creating or editing work orders in the mobile app, you can add previously created task books to the work order. This copies a ready-made checklist of steps into the work order that can be marked complete as the work progresses.


  • Tap +Task Books to view a list of available task books that can be added to the work order.

  • Search for the appropriate task book in the list.

    • If the task book you need does not appear in the list, go to the Settings page and tap Refresh Account Settings. This will re-download all data from the web account and bring in any new task books that have been created. *Note: This refresh happens automatically every 24 hours.

  • Tap on a task book to select it. All tasks within the selected task book are now copied to the task card on the work order.

  • If you need to add tasks from another task book to the work order, tap Save Work Order first, then repeat the steps above to select the next task book. The new tasks will follow the tasks from the first task book and will be automatically renumbered based on existing tasks on the work order.


Viewing Task Attachments

If an attachment was added to a task on a work order from the web, then you are able to view it in the mobile app. *Note: You cannot add attachments on tasks from the mobile app. They must be added from your Asset Essentials account on the web. Task attachments will not be available when offline on the mobile app.

  • Tap the icon next to the task to open the attachment.
    • Document icon () - This icon will allow you to view documents such as PDFs or CSV files.
    • Image icon () - This icon will allow you to view images.
    • Link icon () - This icon will direct you to the website of the URL provided.
    • Paper clip icon () - This icon will allow you to view all other attachment types. A paper clip that has a number badge will indicate the amount of attachments included and will allow you to select a specific attachment from a list view.


Adding Notes on Tasks

You have the ability to add notes on your work order tasks in the mobile app. This will allow you to document additional information relating to the work that is being done as you perform and complete each individual task.

  • Tap on + Add Note under the appropriate task.

  • Enter your note in the pop-up that is displayed.

  • Tap Add Note.

  • Tap Save Work Order to save the new note.

Updating an existing Task Note

  • Tap on View Note under the appropriate task.

  • Update the note in the pop-up that is displayed.

  • Tap Update Note.

  • Tap Save Work Order to save the updated note.


Completing Tasks

  • If you completed an individual task, tap the check mark icon () next to the task.
  • If you completed all tasks, tap the Check Off All Tasks link at the bottom of the list.
  • Tap Save Work Order to finalize your changes.