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Adding global IDs to GIS data

*Note: This feature is only available for clients who have a Public Works module and are incorporating GIS in their account. Please contact your Implementation Specialist or our Legendary Support Team if you are interested in utilizing GIS features in your account.


  • Open the ArcMap application.
  • Click on the Arc Toolbox icon or open the Geoprocessing window
  • Click the plus sign next to Data Management Tools and then Distributed Geodatabaseor Type in the Search window “Add Global IDs” to locate the tool in ArcGIS Pro.
  • Select Add Global IDs to open the tool.


ArcMap View (left) and ArcGIS Pro View (right):


  • Click the folder icon () in the Add Global IDs tool to access the location of the data or choose the desired layer from the dropdown menu in ArcGIS Pro. To select multiple layers in ArcPro use the folder icon
  • Select all feature classes that will be used in Asset Essentials then click Addin ArcMap or OK in ArcGIS Pro.




  • Click OK in the Add Global IDs tool once all feature classes have been added. *Note: The tool may take a few minutes to process depending on the amount of data being processed.
  • In order to verify that the tool has run successfully, it is best practice to check the Layer's Attribute table as well as the Layer's Properties to ensure all feature classes have Global IDs as seen below.