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Adding purchases on a work order

Asset Essentials allows you to associate purchases to a work order. This helps track parts purchased for a work order that are not used in your maintenance program. Purchases added will be stored as non-inventory transactions.


  • Click on the Work Orders menu icon, then select Work Orders.
  • Right-click on a work order and select Edit.
  • In the Parts section, click the Add Purchase button.
    • Enter the Name and Quantity Purchased for the purchased part.
    • Enter the Unit Price and Unit of Measure for the purchased part.
    • The Total Cost field will automatically calculate based on the values in the Quantity Purchased and Unit Price fields.
    • Begin typing the Supplier and select the correct option from the drop-down menu.
    • Adjust the Date of Purchase and select a Cost Center, if necessary.
    • Select a Purchase Type from the drop-down menu. *Note: This list is pre-defined and cannot be configured.
    • The Purchased by field will default to the user who is logged in. To change the user, click the plus sign icon () and select a new user.
    • Select a Payment Type from the drop-down menu. *Note: This list is pre-defined and cannot be configured.
    • If you selected Invoice or Purchase Order in the Payment Type field, enter the reference number that aligns with your selection. *Note: This field is intended for documenting external reference numbers only and will not link to any other areas in Asset Essentials.
    • Enter a Description, if necessary.
    • Click the Done button.
  • The purchase will be added under the Purchased Parts header in the Parts section.
  • Some fields will display a pencil icon () to the right of the value. This indicates that it can be edited by clicking into the field and changing the value, or by clicking the Edit button in the actions column.