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Inventory dashboard

The Inventory dashboards allows you to see your organization's on-hand inventory, as well as usage in recent history. *Note: Not all clients are eligible for Analytics. To learn if you are eligible, contact Client Services.


There are five dashboards available:

  • Parts Summary provides an overview of on-hand quantity and value of parts by location and category.

  • Part Transactions looks at transaction history of parts over the past few years.

  • Inventory Turnover details how part value has changed over time and includes information on Slow Moving parts.

  • Purchase Orders contains information on your organization’s purchase order activity.

  • Work Order Parts with Assets focuses in on part usage specifically related to Assets via Work Orders.


Your dashboard updates every morning with the current year's data through the previous day as well as two previous calendar years of data. You can see the Last Updated time stamp in the top left corner of your dashboard. *Note: Time shown is in Eastern time zone.


Inventory dashboards

To access the Inventory dashboards:

  1. Click the Maintenance menu icon, then select Inventory Dashboard.

  2. Use the View by: drop-down in the top center of the screen to select the dashboard you want to view.

  3. There are a number of filters to the left of the dashboards that allow you to drill down to specific information. The filters are similar to the ones that appear on other dashboards in Analytics, but also include inventory-specific filters, such as Part Name and Transaction Type.