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Batch updating PMs

Updating PMs can either be done one at a time, or you can apply the same change to multiple PMs. If you are only updating one PM, you have the option of right-clicking the PM, and selecting Edit. However, Asset Essentials provides you with a quick update feature that can be applied to as many PMs as needed.

Watch the video tutorial:

How to update PMs

  • Click on the Work Orders menu icon and select PMs/PdM.
  • Select the PM(s) you wish to update by checking the box to the left of the PM Title.
  • Click on the More button, and select Update.
  • An Update window will appear, with tabs at the top for General, Assigned To, Schedule, Associations, Custom Fields, Custom Fields for Work Orders, and Exclusion Conditions. Click on the tabs to navigate to the data you need to update.
  • Check the box next to the field that needs updating, and then select the correct field that the PM(s) need. For example, if several PMs need deactivating, you could check the box next to Status, and select "Inactive" in the drop down menu.
  • Click Save when you have made all the appropriate changes needed across all tabs. This will update all selected PMs with that information.