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Dashboard and settings


When you first log into the mobile app you will see your Dashboard. The Dashboard lists your Overdue work orders, your PM/PdM work orders, your Non-PM/PdM work orders, and any messages you may have.


  • From your dashboard, tap on any work order or message to access additional information about it.
  • You can also tap the camera icon () to take a photo or select a photo from your device to attach it to a work order.
  • Tap the scanner icon () to scan a QR code or barcode.

Bottom navigation bar

The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen lets you access the most used features of the Asset Essentials mobile app quickly and easily. *Note: The availability of these buttons is dependent on the user's permissions in Asset Essentials. The Work Orders, Assets, and Parts icons may be grayed out if you do not have user permissions to access these items. Additionally, the + Work Order, + Request, and + Asset options under the plus button will not be visible if you do not have the ability to add those to the system.


  • Tap the plus button in the center to quickly add a new work order, work request, or asset.

  • Tap the Work Orders icon to quickly access the work order list to process and manage your work orders.

  • Tap the Assets icon to quickly access the asset list.

  • Tap the Parts icon to quickly access the parts list.

  • Tap the Menu icon to bring up the menu list of other options in the mobile app.


You can customize your mobile app through the mobile app Settings.


  • Tap the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Settings.
    • Upload Folder: Edit the folder name that stores photos you upload to the mobile app.
    • Image Dimension: Set the maximum width and height of uploaded images.
    • Change Password: Change your Asset Essentials password. *Note: This will update both your mobile app password and web password.
    • Assign to myself when creating a new Work Order: Enabling this setting will assign the work order to yourself when you create a new work order from the mobile app.
    • Default labor entry to me: Enabling this setting will default labor entries to yourself when adding labor to a work order.
    • Labor entries: Adjust the labor entry form on a work order to show hours and minutes or date and time.
    • Equipment Usage: Adjust the equipment usage transaction form on a work order to show usage date only or usage start/end dates and times.
    • Enable Push Notifications: Turn on the ability to receive push notifications.

  • Set the Default action on your Work Order, Asset, Part, or My Request summary pages to either View or Edit. When you tap on one of these items, either a View or Edit screen will be shown according to these settings.
  • Tap Refresh Account Settings to manually apply any changes made to your account settings on the web. *Note: The mobile app will refresh the account settings automatically once every 24 hours.
  • Tap Logout to log out of the mobile app.