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Adding equipment usage in the mobile app

Equipment usage for an asset can be recorded directly on the mobile work order form. This can help determine the operating costs for your assets.

Adding an equipment usage transaction

  • Tap the Work Orders icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the work order you need to add equipment usage to by tapping on the work order in the list. You can use the search () and filtering () options to quickly find the work order if needed.
  • Scroll down to the Equipment Usage card.
  • Tap + Equipment to search for and select a piece of Equipment.
  • Select a Start Date & Time and an End Date & Time or select a Usage Date to reflect the amount of time the piece of equipment was used. *Note: The fields that show here are determined based on the mobile app settings on your device.
  • Select an Equipment Rate or enter a Cost Per Unit.
  • The # of field will display the unit of measurement for the selected equipment rate. *Note: If the unit of measurement is in minutes or hours, then the value in this field will auto-populate according to the dates and times selected. If the unit of measurement is in kilometers or miles, then you will need to enter the value in this field manually.
  • Select a Cost Center.
  • Enter a Description, if necessary.