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Creating parts storage

Asset Essentials allows you to specify where your parts are stored to help your workers quickly find the exact parts they need. *Note: The Parts & POs feature is available to Asset Essentials clients for an additional cost. Please contact your Sales Representative or Client Services if you are interested in purchasing this feature.


  1. Click on the Admin menu icon, then select Configurations.
  2. Click on Storage in the Parts section.
  3. To add a new storage specification, click the New button.
  4. If the storage specifications are specific to a Site, select a site in the drop down, otherwise leave the site as Global.
  5. Select the Location where parts are stored.
  6. Enter a Description if necessary.
  7. In the Storage Hierarchy section, define how your storage area is set up. These groupings should be listed from least to most specific. For example: Aisle, Shelf, Bin, Container.
  8. Click Save to add the Storage specifications to Asset Essentials.