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Issue part transactions

*Note: The Parts & POs feature is available to Asset Essentials clients for an additional cost. Please contact your Sales Representative or Client Services if you are interested in purchasing this feature.


The issue part transaction allows you issue inventory items directly from the Inventory list view. Creating an issue transaction instantly removes inventory from your on-hand quantities and assigns it to a work order, site, location, asset, or user.


  1. Click on Parts & Purchase Orders from the side menu, then click Inventory.

  2. Filter or search for the item you need to issue out.

  3. Click on the three dot icon () under the Actions column for the part at the correct storage location.

  4. Click on Issue Part.

  5. In the Issue Part window that opens, select if this part is being assigned to a Work Order, Site, Location, Asset, or User in the Issue To field.

    • Once you make this selection, you will be able to search for and select the specific Work Order, Location, User, etc. from a second drop down list.

  6. Enter the Issue Quantity.

  7. Enter other applicable information, such as a Note or the Cost Center this issue falls under.

  8. If needed, you can adjust the Date/Time of Issue and the user listed in the Issued By field.

  9. Click Issue Part to save the transaction.