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Web Portal Login and Layout

Logging into Mobile311 Web Portal

  • On the Account Login screen, enter your User Name and your Password.
  • Click Sign In.


Web Portal Layout

There are 4 main sections to the Mobile311 Web Portal.


The toolbar controls how you interact with the map and data points. Click on a tool to activate it. Initially, the Zoom In tool is activated after log in; you can double-click

directly onto a selected area on the map to get a closer view.



Icon Feature Description
Street Map Allows user to switch Map from Street view to Satellite view.
Initial Extent Returns the map to the level of the zoom at login.
Zoom to Previous Extent Returns to the previous extent.
Zoom to Next Extent

Moves to the next extent.

Zoom In Click a point on the map and stretch the red selection box over the area you want to zoom in on.
Zoom Out Click a point on the map and stretch the red selection box over the area you want to zoom out on.
Fixed Zoom In Zooms in by a fixed increment.
Fixed Zoom Out Zooms out by a fixed increment.
Pan Click and drag to scroll across the map.
Flagging Tool

Starts a new work item.

Select Tool Selects a single point or uses a lasso to select many points
Identify Base Data Tool Displays base map data, which comes from your linked GIS information.
Clear Selection Erases the current selection of data points.
Measure Calculates length and area of segments
Print Map Prints current view of the map (with or without the legend).
Insight Dashboard Opens an administrative reporting tool in a new browser window.
Report Submenu Access a list of available reports.


The Map displays a selected area (extent). Work Items within that extent appear as dots or other shaped graphics.



The Sidebar contains the Filter, Search, and Tools tabs that allow you to modify the Map view.


Side Tabs - Click on each Sidebar tab to add the corresponding data layer to the map.

  • Filter - Change the Work Items and data shown on the map by applying filters.
  • Search - Change the Work Items and data shown on the map by searching by work request ID, employee, comment, breadcrumb ID, or address.
  • Tools - Change additional map settings such as displaying breadcrumbs and saving personalization settings.


Filter Headers - These headers appear when you click on the Filter side tab. Click on a header to display those options.

  • Date Range & Priority - View work requests entered over a specified time period or by priority.
  • Work Items - View work requests by work group and work type.
  • Statuses - View work requests by status.
  • Employees - Isolate data by employee.
  • GIS Data - Activate/deactivate selected base layers.


Collapse Sidebar - Using the pushpin feature () allows the Sidebar to be docked in the expanded position until you are ready to close it. Each layer of the sidebar (Filter, Search, and Tools) has its own pushpin.


Data Grid

The Data Grid displays map information by using certain tools and search functions. Data selected on the map displays in the Data Grid as a detailed list, with up to 100 items. Data is separated into categories of Work Items, Employees, Breadcrumbs, and GIS Data. Click on the Results tab at the bottom of the screen to open the Data Grid.