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Creating a Schedule

The Scheduler is a great way to have your work items generate on a recurring basis. Creating schedules for your work items ensures you are being proactive and allows you to identify issues before they become emergencies. *Note: Only Web Administrators have the ability to create schedules.

Creating a Schedule from a New Work Item

  • To create a schedule from a work item, select the green flag () on the toolbar and click the location on the map in which you would like to place the work item.


  • When the work item form opens, click on the Scheduler tab.
  • Click on the Create New button.


  • Check the box next to Create Work Item Now and Add to Schedule if you want the first generated work item to be created today after you set up your schedule. *Note: You must fill out the work item form first. If this box is not checked, a work item will not be created today when the schedule is saved, instead the first work item will generate based on your schedule frequency.
  • Enter your Schedule Name. *Note: This is a required field.
  • Enter the Start Date and time that you would like your schedule recurrence pattern to begin.


Setting the Schedule Frequency

Choose how often you would like the schedule to generate work items on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.


Saving the Schedule

  • Once you have chosen your frequency, leave No end date selected if the schedule is ongoing. You also have the option of setting the schedule to end after a certain number of occurrences or on a specific date.
  • Enter the password you use to sign into Mobile311 in the Enter Your Password field.
  • Click Save when you're finished.