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Self Hosting Best Practices

Please use the following best practices to ensure a successful implementation of Mobile311 with your GIS data hosted on your ArcServer.

Database Management

  • Store all data in the same geodatabase, prior to publishing. The map document should be sourced to one geodatabase.
  • Be sure to remove relationship classes, geometric networks, and tables from the geodatabase. *Note: Our solution does not recognize those database features, which could cause the data to display incorrectly.

Attribute Fields

  • Include a unique identifier field to associate work orders to GIS features.
  • Use field names that end users can easily identify.
  • Field names and field aliases should match exactly.

Layer Names

  • Check to ensure there are no duplicate layer or group names.
  • Be sure to use layer names that end users can easily identify.
  • Always keep names concise.

Group Layers

  • Make sure group names are all capital letters.
  • Group layers are based on the type of work and/or division.
  • Be mindful of the drawing order when grouping.


  • Use ESRI street map and satellite map to ensure data displays well against base maps.
    • Remove ESRI base maps prior to publishing data.
  • Minimum scale ranges should be no less than 1:10,000, with the exception of Label scale ranges.
  • Verify that labels are correct.
  • Turn off all layers before publishing map service, unless there is base data that needs to be displayed across multiple departments or divisions.


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