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The Clients tab stores the initial setup information for your account. Most of this data should already be set up for you, however there are a few fields on this page that may need to be updated at a later time.

Accessing the Clients Page

  • When navigating to the Admin Site, by default you are taken to the Clients section. Click the pencil icon () to modify information on the Clients page.



  • You should already have a Client Name and Friendly Name entered. The Client Name is what will be used in the actual website URL. If the name of your organization begins with "City of" or "Town of", we recommend leaving this part off so when users are accessing the Citizen Site, they do not have to enter and can instead enter *Note: Be sure there are no spaces in the Client and Friendly names.
  • Check the box next to Enable Citizen Site to make your Citizen Site active. When citizens access this site, they will need to create a login unless anonymous requests are enabled.
  • Check the box next to Enable Anonymous Requests to allow citizens to submit requests without creating a login. *Note: This option is not recommended as it prevents you from tracking who submits work requests.
  • Check the box next to Enable Citizen Disclaimer if you want to have a disclaimer visible on the site for citizens to view. The disclaimer box is a free text field for you to enter any information specific to your account.
  • Upload your organization's logo into the Client Logo and Header Logo fields. Your logo will be visible when citizens access the citizen portal.



  • Custom GIS Data - If you are hosting your own GIS data and would like to republish the REST Service URL, you can paste the new URL into the Custom GIS Data Client Url field.
  • Choose the city that corresponds with your timezone from the Client Default Timezone drop down.
  • Enter the Default City and Default State. This will automatically fill in these fields when doing an address search.