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Using the Advanced Tools

Downloading GIS Data

You can download a data file from ConnectGIS for use with other software programs such as Esri ArcGIS Desktop or Autodesk AutoCAD. *Note: Not all governments/organizations have turned on the feature to download GIS data. Please contact your local government/organization if you need GIS data.

  • Click the Download Shapefile () button. A dialog box appears, notifying you of ways to increase your download speed, click OK.
  • Click on the Click here to download your file link.
  • Click Save and choose a location to save. A zip file with the GIS data is downloaded to that location.

Downloading Georeferenced Image of Currently Displayed Data

A georeferenced image is an image file that contains a world-file with coordinates and other information needed to spatially place that image correctly with other similar data. To download a georeferenced image:

  • Click the Download Georeferenced Image () button.
  • Click on the Click here to download your file link.
  • Click Save and choose a location to save. A zip file with .jpeg image and a world file will be downloaded to that location.

Using the Select Tool

  • Click the Select tool ().
  • Draw a circle around the area you want to select. *Note: You do not have to complete the circle. Once the selected area is highlighted you can let go of the mouse button. The selected items are highlighted on the map and information for each item appears in a numbered list in the data grid below.


Using the Measure Tool

To measure an item on the map:

  • To start a line, click the Measure an Area of the Map () button and click once on the map. One end of red line is pinned to that location you selected on the map and the other end is attached to the mouse.
  • Move your mouse around the map with a line attached to it. The Current Segment field in the left panel displays the measurement changes in real time as you move the mouse.
  • To start a new line segment, click once. You can now create a new line segment from a pivot point at the end of your first one. *Note: Make sure your mouse is still before clicking. The left panel shows the distance of your last line segment as well as your current segment.



  • Create new line segments as many times as you need.
  • Double-click to end your final line segment. ConnectGIS automatically completes a polygon and calculates the area.


Using the Zoom to Scale

The Zoom to Scale has two uses:

  • It displays the current scale, no matter how you arrive there.
  • It allows you to zoom to a specific scale by entering a number. *Note: The smaller the number, the closer you will zoom in.