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The Results Panel

When you run a search, the panel at the bottom displays the results from your searches in tabular form.



The tools on this panel allow you to manage the data. Here is a brief description of the tools on the results toolbar:

  • Search results appear on the map as numbered dots. The numbers on the dots correspond to the numbers next to each result in the table in the bottom panel.
  • Viewable files appear as hyperlinks in the table. Click on the link to view the file.
  • Change the number of results displayed using the Display Labels drop-down field. Only 50 can be displayed at a time. If there are more than 50 results, select which group of 50 (1-50, 51-100, etc.). If there is 50 or less, there will only be one option to choose, 1-50.



  • Change the total number of results displayed using the Display Results drop-down field. All the results will be displayed in the bottom panel, but only 50 will appear on the map at a time. You can change which 50 with the Display Labels drop-down box.



Additional tools include:

Icon Name Description
Show/Hide Results Toggles between showing and hiding the results grid.
Highlight and Zoom Clicking the button in the table will zoom in to that result. Clicking the button on the Results table toolbar zooms the map out to show all results.
Clear Results Clears all the search results from the screen.
Export to Excel

Export results to an Excel file. Change the file format you download by picking from several formats in the drop-down list.

Mail Merge Generate a set of Avery mailing labels based on the data in the grid below.
Print Prints a screenshot of the selected result.