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ConnectGIS Updates Anytime

Great news for our ConnectGIS clients! We are now offering updates anytime. Instead of updates only occurring on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month, clients can now update twice a month on their schedule. We will publish updates within 2 business days of receipt of data on the ftp site. As always, clients should email to notify us that new data is available.

Quick tips to ensure quick updates:

  • Describe any changes in detail.
  • If there are field changes in your data, please describe.
  • Upload a zipped file geodatabase or zipped map package.
  • If adding new layers, send a .mxd file or package that contains only the new layers.
  • Remove duplicate ObjectID fields from your tables if they exist.
  • Build a geoprocessing model or write a python script to automate your updates for consistency & time savings.
  • Email when you’ve uploaded new data with a description of contents and any changes.

Quick tips for better map performance:

  • Simpler maps render faster.
  • Point features: Use simple shapes with no border if possible. Use simple marker symbols instead of character or picture marker symbols.
  • Line features: Use simple line symbols instead of cartographic line symbols.
  • Polygon features: Don’t use outlines on polygons.
  • Remove any unnecessary fields from your data tables.
  • Make sure all of your layers are in the same coordinate system.
  • Use simple labeling or annotation layers instead of Maplex for labeling. Avoid text effects like halos and drop-shadows.
  • We’ll be glad to help with any of the above!