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How to Submit a Trip Request

Watch the Video Tutorial:


  • Make sure you are on the Trip Request tab at the top of the screen.



*Note: Any field marked with a red checkmark is a required field.

Booked By

  • The Booked By section will be filled in with your contact information according to how it was entered upon registration.

Booking Details

  • If you need your administrator to provide cost estimates for your trip check the Yes, submit for estimate only box. This will allow your administrator to provide you with cost estimates for your trip so you can determine if the trip is financially feasible before submitting the actual request.
  • Enter the Trip Name and the Trip Destination.
  • Select your Departing Location and the Organization taking the trip.
  • Choose if your trip is One Way or Round Trip.
  • If you are entering a frequently taken trip, you may be able to select it from the Trip Package drop down list.
  • Select your trip Departure and Return Dates and Times.
  • If applicable, select a Budget Code.


Transportation Type

  • Select the Transportation Type that is needed for your trip. Click on the icon next to the Transportation Type description to select it.
  • Enter the Number of Vehicles needed.


Trip Contact

  • Enter the Trip Contact. Check the box next to Yes, the 'Booked By' requester information is the same as the 'Trip Contact' information if you are going to be the contact person for the trip.


  • Enter the Number of Students attending the trip.
  • You can also include the number of Faculty and Supervising Adults attending the trip.


  • If needed, enter the Educational Objective and Special Needs and/or Trip Requirements in the boxes provided.
    • The Educational Objective field is a great place for additional information, as it is easily seen by Administrators during the approval process.


  • Once the trip request form is completed, enter the Submittal Password. Please contact your administrator if you have not been given the submittal password.
  • Click on the Submit Request button.