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MySchoolBuilding Setup is the online portal that requesters use to access the trip request form. Bringing requesters on board saves time for the transportation department, streamlines the approval process, and enhances communication.

How to Set Up the MySchoolBuilding page

  • Click on the Account Setup tab.
  • Click on the Setup Steps link.
  • Use the links in the Quick Navigation section to access each setup step.
  • Click Save/Next Step to save your information on each step. Setup Steps

MySchoolBuilding Logo

  • Upload a Logo to personalize your trip request page. If you have already added your logo in TripDirect, it will automatically carry over to the MySchoolBuilding page.
  • Click Add/Update Logo to save.

Introduction Paragraph

  • Enter an Introduction Paragraph to provide instructions for requesters to follow. It will be displayed under the Request Form Title.
  • You can select a predefined Introduction Paragraph or write your own in the field provided.

Setup Consent Form

  • Upload a trip Consent Form or other required documents which provides an easy way for your requesters to print it for distribution to trip participants.
  • Click Add/Update File.

Customize Options

  • Enter your organization's Website Hyperlink and Name to provide your requesters with an easy way to return to your school's homepage from the MySchoolBuilding page.
  • Enter the Request Form Title to display at the top of the trip request form.
  • Enter a MSB Admin Contact Name, Phone, and Email to provide your requesters with a contact person within your organization if they have any questions when submitting a request.
  • Decide if you would like to Prompt for Estimates, allowing your requesters to request a cost estimate for their trip.
  • Select the format for Transportation Types choosing between a Combo List (drop down list) or Icons.

Emergency Contact List

  • Creating a Contact List is a way to provide your requesters with a list of emergency contact names and numbers.
  • Click the Add Emergency Contact button to add the name to the list below.
  • You can hide this information by putting a check in the box next to Hide Emergency Contact List. The emergency contacts will appear under the Help tab of the requester page.

Request Users

  • Administrators can populate a Requester List one at a time by entering a requester's first name, last name, and email address and clicking Add User. *Note: It is not necessary to add all your requesters into the account manually. They can add themselves when entering their first trip request. To do this, they must have been given instructions for accessing the MySchoolBuilding page, including the organization account number and the correct submittal password.

MySchoolBuilding Password

  • Requesters will be required to enter the Submittal Password when entering a trip request. Administrators will choose that password and enter it in this step of the wizard. The submittal password is a shared password that all requesters must use.
  • Click Save.

Define Budget Code Options

  • If you would like your requesters to select a Budget Code on the request form, you can activate that entry field and also select if it is required or not. You can also select the Default Budget Code that will automatically populate on the request form.
  • Select Budget Codes for requesters to choose from if necessary to change from the default by checking Use in MSB next to the budget codes you'd like to use.

Define Transportation Type Options

  • Select Transportation Types you want to make available to your requesters by checking Use in MSB next to the transportation type you'd like to use.

MySchoolBuilding Link

  • The MySchoolBuilding Link allows you to preview the TripDirect MySchoolBuilding page that you have set up. The link provided is one that your requesters can use to access the online trip request form. *Note: This link can be embedded into your organization's home page for easy access to the MySchoolBuilding page.


       Bright Idea:

Below are links to Requester Guide word documents that you can download and modify to fit your organization. Add your Organization Account Number, Submittal Password, and your MySchoolBuilding portal link to the document as well as delete any request form steps that you have not made available in your account. Then you can send the document out to your requesters so they will have all the information needed to login and submit requests. For clients that use ConnectAuthenticate for single sign-on, modify that guide instead.