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Adding Locations

Locations in TripDirect define where your trips will depart from. If you subscribe to other SchoolDude applications, the list of locations will be automatically populated for you, but you will have to activate the specific Locations needed for TripDirect.

How to View and Activate Locations

  • Click on the Locations link under Information Analysis.
  • The Location list is automatically populated if you also own other SchoolDude applications. Locations with a yellow thumbs-up () are active and ready for use within the application. Locations with a gray thumbs-down () are inactive and will be unavailable for use until they are activated.
    • To activate a Location, click on the thumbs-down icon (). It will change to the yellow thumbs-up icon and that Location will be activated in TripDirect.


How to Add a New Location

  • Click on the Locations link under Information Analysis.
  • Click on Add New Location.
  • The Location code is only used for database information and will not appear on any other screens. If you do not enter a Location Code, the system will generate one for you.
  • Enter the Description (the name of the facility or campus). *Required field
  • The Number of Students, Square Footage, Date Built, and Notes are not required fields. This information can be added at any time.
  • Click Save.