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Activating and Routing Service Crafts

Food, Maintenance, and IT Services can be selected on a request when services are needed for a trip (Catering, Vehicle Maintenance, Custodial, AV Equipment, etc.). If selected, a Service Provider will receive a task email notification letting them know what needs to be done for that trip.

How to Activate Food, Maintenance, and IT Services

  • Click on the Food Services, Maintenance Services or IT Services link under the Information Analysis section located on the right side of the home page.
  • This brings you to a list of the available services with a gray thumbs-down beside each one. To activate a service, click on the thumbs-down icon (). It will change to the yellow thumbs-up () icon and the service will be activated. *Note: Only select Services that will be needed for trip requests.

How to Set Up Service Provider Support

After you have activated Food, Maintenance, and IT Services, you can add routing rules to automatically send notifications of specific service requests to certain service providers. For example, a task notification for a catering request could be sent directly to the food services coordinator.

  • Click on the Account Setup tab.
  • Click on Setup Food Service Provider Support.
  • Under the Add New Section, select the food service from the Service drop down list. *Note: You must activate Food Services for your account before setting up the service provider routing.
  • Select the Location.
  • Select the Assigned To name. *Note: You cannot assign one service to two different people. The system will not know who to send the notification to.
  • Click Add New to save.



  • Repeat the steps above under the Setup Maintenance Service Provider Support and Setup IT Service Provider Support links to set up routing for those service tasks.
  • To edit a service provider support route, click the Edit button to the left of the route.
  • To delete a service provider support route, click the red X to the right of the route.