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Account Information

The Account Information page allows you to identify important and helpful information about your organization, such as the Address, Fiscal Year, Date Ranges, etc.

How to Set Up Account Information

  • Click on the Account Setup tab.
  • Click on the Account Information link.



  • The Organization Name and Address will automatically populate for you. The Organization Name can be edited and will be displayed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Corrections to the address information can also be made here.
  • The Time Zone and Current Server Date/Time are populated based on your organization's address.
  • In the Current Fiscal Year Current Period fields, enter your organization's Fiscal Year Begin and End dates.
  • In the Request Range fields, enter the minimum and maximum number of days prior to the trip departure date that a user is allowed to make a trip request.
  • The Email Event Notifications setting determines how far in advance service provider email notifications are sent.
  • Set the number of hours desired in the Show Changes Made in the Last __ hours box. These changes will show in the Recent Changes section on the left side of the home page.



  • Comptroller shows the user currently listed as the TripDirect Comptroller. For more information about the comptroller function, see TripDirect Adding Users.
  • Click Save.