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Vendor Transactions

TripDirect Transactions

In TripDirect, there are 4 different types of transactions that can be added to an approved trip:

  • Vehicle Transactions: Cost Per Mile or Flat Fee
  • Driver Transactions: Labor Hours or Labor Costs
  • Purchase Transactions: Fuel, Tolls, Parking Costs, etc.
  • Vendor Transactions: Charter Buses, Rental Car Companies, Airlines, Travel Agencies, etc.


Transportation costs can be added before or after the trip is completed. Vehicle, Driver, and Vendor Assignments must be made before those Transaction links become available. The Purchase Transaction link is always available.

How to Add Vendor Transactions

  • Go to an approved trip request and scroll down to the Actual Costs section.
  • Click on the Add Vendor Transaction link. A pop-up window will appear. *Note: A vendor must be assigned to the trip for the link to be active.
  • If only one vendor is assigned to the trip, it will automatically be selected in the Vendor field. If there are multiple vendors assigned, you will need to select the correct one for this transaction.
  • Enter a Description for the vendor transaction.
  • The Trip Departure date will automatically populate in the Date field. However, you can change this by typing in a new date or clicking the calendar icon to select a different date.
  • Select the appropriate Budget Code if one is available.
  • You can enter a Vendor Quote ID or a Purchase Order # if you have one.
  • Enter the Quantity and Unit Cost.
  • Click Save. You can enter as many vendor transactions as needed.
  • Click Close this window to close the pop-up window and return to the trip. *Note: If you click the red X in the corner of the pop-up to close the window, you may not see the transaction added to the list until you save the trip or refresh the screen.


Viewing Vendor Transactions

All transactions will appear in the Actual Costs section of the Trip Request form.

  • You can view up to 5 transaction at a time in this section. Click Next at the top right of the list to view the next 5 transactions for the trip.
  • A total for each transaction type and a Grand Total will be listed at the bottom of the section.



  • You can delete a transaction by clicking the red x () next to that transaction.
  • To view or edit the Transaction, click on the Description field. You will be able to make adjustments and click Save to update it.