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Trip Packages

Trip Packages are an easy way to prefill the trip form with certain pieces of information. This can be helpful for frequently requested trips.

Creating a Trip Package

  • Click on Trip Packages under the Information Analysis section of the home page.
  • Click on Add New Trip Package.
  • The Package Name is the only required field, but it is recommended to fill in as much information as you can, as this information will populate the fields on the trip form when the Trip Package is selected.
  • Click Save.


Applying a Trip Package

  • Click on the New Trip Request tab.
  • Under the Booking Details section, click on the drop down list next to Trip Package and select the appropriate package.



  • Once you have selected the Trip Package, the page will refresh to include the following information that you entered when setting up the trip package: Trip Destination, Estimated Round Trip Mileage, Cost per Student, Cost Per Adult, Recommended Minimum/Maximum Age, Educational Objective, Driving Directions, and Transportation Type.
  • Fill out the request of the required fields designated with a red check mark () and any other information as needed for the trip.
  • Click Save to submit the request.