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Location Detail Report

The Location Detail Report gives you a breakdown of what's going on at each of your locations in regards to facility usage. Included in the report is the event date and time, organization, total usage hours, and the amount invoiced for each event within the specified reporting period.

How to Run the Location Detail Report

  • Click on Report in the Actions menu, and then click on Locations.
  • In Step 1, you can select a previously saved Location report that will populate the searched criteria.
  • In Step 2, identify the Reporting Period by either choosing a predefined date range from the drop down list or entering custom begin and end dates.
  • In Step 3, choose the Select by Date.
    • For example, if you choose Last Month in Step 2 and Schedule Create Date in Step 3, the report will only include events that were created on a schedule last month.
    • If you choose Last Month in Step 2 and Event Date in Step 3, the report will include events that took place last month.
  • Use Steps 4 through 12 to narrow down the report by specific Locations, Rooms, Status, State, etc.
  • Choose a Report Type for viewing. We are looking at the Detail Report in this example. Each report type has a different look and contains varying levels of detail.
  • Select the Report Format (PDF or Excel).
  • Click Print to run this report and open a print preview of it.



If you choose the Excel output format, you will be able to create your own tables and graphs from the data using the Pivot Chart feature.